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Manhattan Bar Singapore -
Art Collaboration
coming soon

Branding / Design

In this collaboration we are featuring 5 signature cocktails of Manhattan Bar Singapore. The idea is " Drawing the cocktails with the cocktails" which is using its own spirits or ingredients to paint the cocktails.


BEDU Restaurant & Bar -

Brand Identity Design

Branding / Design

One of the most exciting opening in 2018 is BEDU which is modern middle eastern restaurant and bar location in soho Central. The Branding idea is the legacy and wisdom from Bedouin and the Ancient Middle Eastern culture.


Uma Nota -

Brand Identity Design

Branding / Design

Hong Kong first Brazilian Japanese Cuisine , with a friendly and unpretentious street food style. The branding is to bring the two different culture together into a modern, harmony yet outstanding identity.

ATLAS Bar Singapore -
New Menu Design Illustrations
coming soon

Branding / Design

A grand lobby and bar, ATLAS graces the ground floor of Singapore’s iconic building, Parkview Square, which is inspired by the glamourous Art Deco skyscrapers of Europe and New York.


Quinary HK -

Summer Cocktail 2018

Photography / Art Direction

In 2018, Quinary presents this season’s themed tipples paying homage to the ever-popular adventure fantasy movie, Peter Pan. After all, who can say no when your childhood fantasy meets cocktails?


Jigger & Pony Singapore -

Rebrand New Menu 2018

Photography / Art Direction

After a fond farewell to Amoy Street, the street where Jigger & Pony "grew up" on and stayed for 6 years. Now they are moving to the next journey and a brand new venue. Look forward to their launch and the new menu.

JARVI Skincare - Finland
Brand Identity & Packaging

Branding / Design

coming soon


zuma HK -

Art & Illustration for Hatsuyume Launch

Art & Illustration

coming soon


The Sliver FineLiner -

Latest Art Series

Art & Illustration

coming soon



Gibson Bar Singapore -
New Cocktail 2018

Photography / Art Direction

In this edition of Gibson’s cocktail menu, they explore ingredients that strike a chord with us – some are flavours they grew up with, and some they discovered on our travels around Asia.


Lobster Bar & Grill -
Anne Sophie Cros the Bar Manager

Photography / Art Direction

Unwind in the convivial atmosphere of Lobster Bar and Grill, and savour a series of innovative cocktails. Meet the new bar manager Anne Sophie Cros and meet the new team.


BEDU Restaurant & Bar -

Opening Photography

Photography / Art Direction

BEDU is a cosy Middle Eastern restaurant & bar located in Central Hong Kong that showcases the region’s diverse street food culture through a contemporary approach in the kitchen, on the floor and behind the bar.



ICHU Peru -
Opening 2018 - Photography

Photography / Art Direction

The creativity and nature of Peru is coming to Hong Kong. Experience food and culture crafted by world’s top chef, Virgilio Martinez. Expect fun, innovative and emotional food that stays true to the modern Peruvian cuisine.


zuma Hong Kong

2018 Photography

Photography / Art Direction

zuma is located at hong kong's most prestigious address, the landmark, in the heart of central.  it brings a sophisticated twist on the traditional japanese izakaya style of informal eating and drinking.

Cali-Mex Taqueria / Bar & Grill -

New Menu 2018 coming soon

Photography / Art Direction

Cali-Mex Bar & Grill is an American style Mexican restaurant, with a focus on high-quality ingredients that are carefully handpicked by the founders and flown in fresh from around the world!


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